“PICTURE THIS” Art Unveiled

The fence lining the athletic field behind the Goleta Community Center is looking a lot brighter thanks to a group of talented young artists. At a special PICTURE THIS unveiling/ribbon cutting event held September 15, 2022, five images created by participants from the United Boys and Girls Club in Goleta were revealed. Audience members, including an enthusiastic group of fellow clubhouse students, cheered as the images were unveiled piece by piece and as the student responsible for the creation walked up to accept their certificate of recognition. Watch a short video clip here to see the exciting moments.

The PICTURE THIS program, is a partnership with the City of Goleta, the United Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara County (Goleta Club) and the Goleta Valley Community Center (GVCC) to bring life to the fence line at the athletic field.

Children from the Goleta Club created images which they felt represented community, family, health and/or Goleta. Earlier this year, images were chosen by a committee, which were then enlarged and transferred to boards. All of the submissions were fabulous, but the individuals who created the pictures that were transferred to the fence line were recognized at the ribbon cutting/unveiling ceremony.

Congratulations to Valery Solis Villegas, Lupita Garcia-Galvan, Dylan Mendoza, Owen Ta and John E. Montoya, all from the Goleta Clubhouse, for having their work selected and now on display for all who come to the field to enjoy. 

Goleta City Council Mayor Paula Perotte said, “This is the best part of my job. I love seeing the creativity of all of kids, but it made it so hard to choose just a few because they all did a great job.”

Goleta City Councilmember Roger Aceves said, “I am so glad to see this project happen. The artists did a wonderful job with the renderings and I think this is the first of many projects to come.”

Goleta Valley Community Center Board President Brian Larinan said, “This adds another element to a beautiful area, one of the gems of Goleta in terms of recreation space. It is a really nice addition to the Goleta Community Center and the United Boys and Girls Club. Thank you to all the artists who submitted their work.”

For more information on the PICTURE THIS program, contact the City’s Parks and Recreation Manager, JoAnne Plummer at jplummer@cityofgoleta.org or 805-562-5505. 

Pictured from left-to-right: Councilmember Roger Aceves, Goleta Valley Community Center Board President Brian Larinan, John Montoya, Dylan Mendoza, Owen Ta, Valery Solis Villegas, Lupita Garcia-Galvan, Artist Lynda Cullen, and Mayor Paula Perotte

John E. Montoya and Valery Solis Villegas with their submission

Dylan Mendoza with his submission

Owen Ta with his submission

Lupita Garcia-Galvan with her submission

Anonymous submission

Group Photo