Measure A Funding for Goleta Projects

The City of Goleta now has a roadmap on how to use Measure A funding over the next five years. On April 18, 2023, the Goleta City Council adopted a Measure A Five-Year Program of Projects (POP). The City is required to prepare and adopt this five-year capital expenditure program in order to receive its annual allocation of Measure A tax revenues. The POP determines how the revenues will be spent by the City. Over the next five years, the City plans to split its share of the Measure A tax revenues amongst several categories, the largest three being: Maintenance, Improvement or Construction of Roadways & Bridges (20%); Storm Damage Repair to Transportation Facilities (13%); and Traffic Signal Coordination, Intersection Channelization (19%).

Measure A, Santa Barbara County’s local transportation half cent sales tax measure, was approved by 79% of Santa Barbara County voters in November 2008. Measure A is projected to collect $1.6 billion through 2040. With additional state/federal funding leveraged in the fiscal year, over $66 million was invested in voter approved transportation projects and programs countywide. Santa Barbara County Association of Governments recently released its 2022 annual report on Measure A programs and projects in April 2023. Read the report here:

Voters approved a slate of projects and programs for Measure A and spending is divided into three categories: 13.4% to relieve traffic congestion and improve safety on Highway 101 and 43.3% each for North County and South Coast for high priority transportation projects including local street improvements, increasing transportation opportunities for transit dependent residents including the elderly and disabled, building safer walking and bike routes to school and providing increased opportunities for carpool and vanpool programs.

The public can visit to learn more about Measure A transportation projects and programs and benefits for residents in the region or visit to download the 2022 Annual Report.