Keep Your Dog Safe this Summer

As we enjoy our sun-filled weather in Goleta, we want to remind everyone to help keep our beloved pets cool during rising temperatures and do not fall prey to heat stroke. Heat strokes can happen when our pets are left in confined spaces with little or no ventilation. They can happen anywhere – even when taking our animals friends on walks during a semi-hot day.

Thanks to Santa Barbara County Animal Services for providing the following information:

Tips to care for your dog in the summer:

  • Never leave a dog in a hot car. Heatstroke can occur within minutes.
  • Schedule early morning walks before the day gets too hot.
  • Check pavement temperatures to avoid dogs burning their paws.
  • Ensure pets have access to shade, ventilation, and water while outside.
  • Keep dogs inside or in a shaded area if temperature is higher than 80 degrees with humidity at 90 percent.
  • Trim hair short to ventilate skin. – Remember. dogs don’t sweat.

Overweight, elderly, and dogs with short noses are heat sensitive. Take extra precautions if you know your dog may be at risk.

Beware of signs of heat stroke:

  • Uncontrollable panting and drooling
  • Depression, lethargy, or agitation,
  • Vomiting, diarrhea, loss of consciousness or sudden collapse.
  • Higher Heart Rate and Body Temperature

Summer can be a picnic if you follow these simple tips and remember: “Hot dogs belong on the grill, not in your car!”