NZO Wins Hard Won Victory Award

The City of Goleta is pleased to announce that it received the “Hard Won Victory” award from the American Planning Association’s Central Coast Section for our New Zoning Ordinance (NZO) which was adopted by City Council on February 18, 2020.

The prestigious Hard Won Victory award recognizes the positive effect of hard won victories by professional planners, citizen planners, or both working together under difficult, challenging, or adverse conditions. The NZO received this award because the City established its own rules for development that the public has long sought.

Anne Wells, Advance Planning Manager, said, “Adopting the New Zoning Ordinance was a milestone for the City. It was a culmination of years of hard work and community input, and we are honored to have received the ‘Hard Won Victory’ award.”          

The City’s New Zoning Ordinance (NZO) replaced the City’s existing zoning regulations, which were inherited from the County at the time of incorporation, and did not reflect the City’s General Plan, which governs land use and physical development within the City and establishes policy direction for the City’s growth. The NZO revised citywide zoning regulations to implement the General Plan, updates development and design standards and permitting procedures, and helps realize the community’s vision for the future – a safe, beautiful, vibrant and livable community with a robust local economy and a sustainable relationship with the environment.

Key personnel involved from the City of Goleta included Peter Imhof, Anne Wells, Andy Newkirk and J. Ritterbeck.

Photo of City Council and City staff celebrating the adoption of the NZO at the February 18, 2020, City Council meeting.