The Green Room: City of Goleta’s Street Sweeping Program

City of Goleta’s Environmental Services Division would like to provide helpful information about our street sweeping program.


Not only does street sweeping keep our community looking great, but street sweeping helps remove trash and debris from the gutter and roadsides that would otherwise go into storm drains, causing water pollution in our creeks, wetlands, ocean, and beaches. The City’s street sweeping program is an important part of the solution to water pollution. Learn more about our other programs and what else you can do to help protect our watersheds.


The City of Goleta is responsible for street sweeping the eastern portion of the City, and the western portion of the City is currently swept by the Goleta West Sanitary District (GWSD); view their calendar here. See the map and schedules below or click here.

Help us do a better job on street sweeping day:

  • Bookmark this page or print the schedules for easy reference. Memorizing your zone and schedule will also be helpful.
  • Move vehicles off the street on street sweeping day. Set a reminder if you need to!
  • Remove basketball backboards, trash cans, and any other obstructions.

The City hopes that these notices will encourage voluntary cooperation to avoid the need for enforcement. A clean sweep helps keep your street looking great and prevents debris from entering storm drains and causing creek and ocean pollution. If you have any questions, please contact the Environmental Services Division at

City of Goleta Street Sweeping Map