April is National Earthquake Preparedness Month

Living in California, earthquakes are always a possibility you should be ready for. In honor or National Earthquake Preparedness Month, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is encouraging residents to take the time to update their emergency plans and to download the MyShake App. So many things in life may catch us off guard, but now, earthquakes don’t have to!

Here are some of the ways to receive earthquake warnings:

  • MyShake App. An app that can be downloaded for mobile devices at no cost from Google Play and the Apple App Store. App users can set up a “HomeBase” location to receive earthquake warnings without having location services turned on.

  • Android Earthquake Alerts. Included in new or updated Android devices, the system uses the same technology as the MyShake App.

  • Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs). Text-like messages from the government during emergency situations. This includes Presidential, Imminent Threats (fire, earthquake, floods, etc.), and AMBER alerts.

When an earthquake warning is issued from any of these sources, you should act quickly and take protective actions to stay safe, such as dropping to the ground, covering your head with your arms, and holding onto your neck with both hands until the shaking stops. Do not stand in doorways or near glass windows.

There are moments to act if you receive a warning or feel shaking. There may be circumstances where a warning is issued, but no shaking occurs. It is always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to earthquakes. Share this information with friends and family to help spread the word about the technology available to help keep them safe.

Please visit earthquake.ca.gov for more information.