Goleta’s Sustainability Manager Cindy Moore to Retire

The City of Goleta’s second-longest tenured staff member, Sustainability Manager Cindy Moore, recently announced her retirement. Her last day with the City will be April 15, 2022, just two months shy of 19 full years of service. Cindy is one of a handful of staff who have been with Goleta almost since it incorporated in 2002.

Cindy began working for the City as a Senior Planner in the Planning Department in 2003. Previously she was a Planner III at the County of Santa Barbara. In 2012 she launched the Sustainability Program, a new division for the Planning Department. Her work in the Sustainability Program includes focusing on increasing the City’s resiliency in the face of climate change and attaining the City’s adopted 100% Renewable Energy Goal by 2030.

Cindy said, It was an exciting and rare opportunity to be offered the chance to join a newly incorporated City back in 2003 and it has been my privilege to serve the Goleta community over the years and be a part of the growth and evolution of the City organization, especially the launch of the City’s Sustainability Program.”

Highlights of Cindy’s tenure include:

  • Oversaw adoption of the City’s first Reach Code in 2010, setting forth increased minimum energy efficiency standards for new construction.
  • Oversaw development and adoption of the City’s Green Building Program and Green Building Policy, requiring the LEED Silver Standard for new City-owned buildings (2012).
  • Achieved a 3-STAR Community Rating from STAR Communities for the City’s national leadership in sustainability (2017) and subsequent LEED City designation in 2018.
  • Green Business Program certification for City Hall.
  • Recognized with the Platinum Level Beacon Award for Sustainability Best Practices from the Institute for Local Government.
  • Oversaw LED lighting upgrades at the GVCC, Library and City Hall.
  • Oversaw adoption of the City’s 100% Renewable Energy Goal.
  • Oversaw development and adoption of the City’s Strategic Energy Plan and supporting document “Reaching 100%: An Overview of Goleta’s Strategic Energy Plan.”
  • Completion of a City Hall Solar Photovoltaic and Battery Energy Storage Feasibility Assessment.
  • Oversaw approval and implementation of the City’s first solar PV project at City Hall.
  • Completion of the Regional Community Choice Energy Feasibility Study and Council approval to join the Central Coast Community Energy Community Choice Energy JPA, with successful enrollment in 2021.
  • Adoption of the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Permit Streamlining Ordinance.
  • Oversaw development of a Community Bike Share Pilot survey.
  • Awarded funds from the Santa Barbara Air Pollution Control District’s (APCD) Clean Air Grants Infrastructure Program for procurement of an off-grid, solar-powered dual port electric vehicle charging station at City Hall.
  • Obtained approval to participate in Southern California Edison’s Charge Ready Program to install free electric vehicle charging infrastructure at City Hall.
  • Obtained $215K in competitive grant funding from the APCD for electric vehicle fast charging stations at the Goleta Community Center.

City Manager Michelle Greene said, “Cindy Moore has been an invaluable resource during her distinguished tenure with the City. Whether serving as a Senior Planner, Sustainability Coordinator or Sustainability Manager, Cindy brought a high level of professionalism and expertise to the job, and left her mark as the creator of the City’s Sustainability Program. Her foundational work set the City on a path to achieve great things, and we are very thankful for her contributions to a greener, cleaner future for Goleta.”

Director of Planning and Environmental Review Peter Imhof said, “Cindy Moore’s exceptional leadership of the City’s sustainability efforts over many years has set the City of Goleta squarely on a path toward greater sustainability and resulted in much tangible, measurable progress toward a greener, healthier future. Cindy can rightly be proud of all she has accomplished for the City. It has been a privilege to know and work together with Cindy and I wish her all the best for whatever the future may hold.”

Cindy, we wish you the best of luck as you begin this new chapter! Thank you for everything you have done for Goleta.

Cindy Moore at the Policy Board meeting when the City of Goleta joined Central Coast Community Energy (formerly Monterey Bay Community Power) with (from left-to-right): CivicSpark Fellow Karina Takemoto, Councilmember Kyle Richards, Mayor Paula Perotte and Director of Planning and Environmental Review Peter Imhof.

Cindy Moore at a South County Energy Efficiency Partnership Annual Luncheon with regional partners April Price, Energy Portfolio Manager, County of Santa Barbara; Alelia Parenteau, Acting Sustainability & Resilience Director, City of Santa Barbara; Peter Imhof, Director of Planning & Environmental Review, City of Goleta; and Erin Maker, Environmental Program Manager, City of Carpinteria.