Single-Use Foodware Accessories Upon Request

Helpful Resources to Make the Switch to Reusables

As the City of Goleta prepares for state regulation on single-use foodware accessories and standard condiments, the City’s Sustainability Program would like to share resources to make this transition easier for our community’s business owners.

Signed by Governor Newsom in October 2021, Assembly Bill (AB) 1276* requires all food and beverage vendors to make single-use foodware accessories and condiments only available upon request by the consumer by June 1, 2022. This means online ordering sites will have the option to include things like utensils, condiment packets, and napkins in their orders.

The goal of the legislation is to reduce waste from food facilities. Goleta is already looking to reduce plastic use and waste in general, and one example of an organization that provides practical solutions to plastic pollution is Upstream.

Upstream is a nonprofit with the goal of reducing waste by promoting fully reusable systems for restaurants. Upstream’s studies show that reusable foodware “wins,” and saves restaurants money 100% of the time. Most items pay for themselves after just a few uses. For example, a 12oz ceramic mug is cheaper than disposable coffee cups after just 12 uses. That’s money saved, and 12 coffee cups saved from a landfill. Of course, switching to reusables also saves restaurants hundreds of pounds of waste a month, and improves the customers’ dine-in experience.

If you’re a business owner and ready to make the switch to reusable foodware, explore the following resources on the Upstream website.

  • Reuse saving calculator to see how much money your business will save after switching to reusable foodware. Simply enter the disposable item, how much and how often you purchase it, and some more information to get your savings, and the number of disposables saved!
  • A Reusable Foodware Catalog to help you pick out your new foodware! This catalog has options to fit any restaurant budget and aesthetic.
  • Check out Upstream’s social media toolkits so you can let your customers know you’ve made the switch. They include information about reducing waste, and keeping reusable foodware COVID-19 safe.

The City’s Sustainability Program is excited to share these resources for reducing waste and promoting a healthier community and environment.

*AB 1276 requires that the City, on or before June 1, 2022, authorize an enforcement agency to enforce these requirements. A city-wide ordinance in compliance with AB 1276 is forthcoming. All single-use foodware accessories and standard condiments as defined by state law will be made available upon request only.*