Construction Begins on $5.8 Million Paving Project

Construction to improve the City’s roadway system began on November 8th. The nearly $6 million worth of work includes much-needed pavement rehabilitation on Cathedral Oaks Road from Glen Annie Road to Los Carneros Road. The work is expected to take approximately 8 months to complete. We appreciate your patience in advance as repairs are made to this well-traveled Goleta roadway.

Although this will be a big benefit to the City’s roadway network and a major step in the right direction, this is a one-time funding allocation. City staff will continue to explore all options to identify potential funding sources for the additional $3.3 million needed annually to appropriately maintain the City’s entire roadway system. The City is also working on evaluating the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and identifying how to reprioritize and/or fund the approximately $110 million worth of unfunded CIP Projects.

For more information, please read the staff report here.

Pictured: Cathedral Oaks Road