Calle Real Crosswalk Installation at Encina

The Crosswalk on Calle Real Near Encina Lane Project began in early October. The project consists of construction of a new Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) signal-controlled crosswalk, ADA accessible ramps, new crosswalk striping, pavement markings and applicable PHB warning and control signage. A Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon is a traffic control device designed to assist pedestrians in safely cross busy roadways, using two red lenses above a single yellow lens that remains dark until a call button is pushed to activate the flashing beacon.

Over 500 residential units are located on the north side of Calle Real (Encina Royal and Encina Meadows Apartments). These housing units generate a considerable amount of pedestrian traffic that access the Calle Real Center. Protected pedestrian crossings exist on Calle Real in the form of a traffic signal at Encina Lane, a rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) at Kingston Avenue, and a mid-block traffic signal approximately 635-feet west of Kingston Avenue. However, for over 1,000 feet east of Encina Lane, there has been no controlled pedestrian crossing of Calle Real. This has forced pedestrians to either walk a significant distance to a controlled crossing or cross midblock. The Calle Real Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon near Encina Lane Project is being constructed at the ideal location for a controlled pedestrian crossing on Calle Real, midway between Encina Lane and the existing midblock signalized pedestrian crossing just to the east of the Albertsons/Chase Bank driveway providing a controlled crossing approximately every 600 feet between Encina Lane and Kingston Avenue.

The project is expected to be complete by the end of December. We appreciate your patience as improvements are constructed on Calle Real.