Cathedral Oaks Road Repairs Update

The Cathedral Oaks Road Pavement and Sidewalk Repair Project is underway. The project is taking place in the same area as the recently completed Cathedral Oaks Road Settlement Repair Project, on Cathedral Oaks Road between Glen Annie Road and Los Carneros Road about half a mile west of the Cathedral Oaks and Los Carneros intersection. The work consists of approximately 50 feet of sidewalk replacement, followed by approximately 200 feet of full width roadway pavement resurfacing. The project is expected to take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete.

City staff are working with the contractor to minimize impacts to the public; however, the project requires closure of half of the roadway at a time in order to complete the pavement work. Traffic control is in place and flaggers are directing two-way traffic for the one open lane. Delays are expected so please plan accordingly while construction is occurring in this area. Work takes place Monday – Friday, from 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The City understands your concerns and frustrations with the condition of Cathedral Oaks Road. As with all public transportation infrastructure, Cathedral Oaks Road is an important part of our City. The roadway is critical to everything from serving as a route to schools, to providing health and recreational activities such as biking and walking.

Ultimately, the roadway is a significant part of the quality of life we all expect from living in Goleta. The City is faced with the challenge of addressing aging infrastructure citywide with limited funding and staff resources, but the City Council has prioritized improving sidewalks, roadway pavement condition, street tree health and our creeks, parks and open spaces. The City is working on several solutions for how to carefully deliver maintenance projects with available funding, while exploring alternative funding options so we can do more to improve our infrastructure.

The City of Goleta Department of Public Works augments the revenue it receives for pavement improvements by obtaining state and federal grants when possible and optimizes the use of project funds by using a computerized approach to prioritizing roadway pavement maintenance. In addition to this current repair, a citywide pavement project is in the works for this year that includes additional portions of Cathedral Oaks Road. While the segments of Cathedral Oaks Road that are included in the upcoming project are relatively small, the City’s Public Works Department is completing a larger plan for the roadway as revenue availability permits.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please contact City Construction Manager Debbie Talarico at or at (609) 231-4179.