Next Steps for Goleta’s Strategic Plan

Thank you to everyone who provided input on the City’s 2021-2023 Strategic Plan. Goleta City Council conducted a workshop to update the plan to reflect completed work tasks, updated priorities and current issues, and new direction from the City Council. View the staff report here from the Council Workshop.

A strategic plan identifies the priorities and goals of an organization in order to create a roadmap, guiding future decision making. Goleta’s Strategic Plan is driven by its mission statement which describes the community, key attributes, and values. 

Mission statement: “Goleta is a beautiful, safe, and diverse community of residents with family-friendly neighborhoods that values the environment, agriculture, and open space while encouraging housing, recreation, and business opportunities.”

The City’s first Strategic Plan was adopted in 2007. The Strategic Plan was last updated in 2019 and covers a two-year period that runs concurrent with the City’s Two-Year Budget Plan, and receives regular updates to keep current with the City’s priorities and to ensure the living document continues to be dynamic and reflective of the goals of City Council and the Goleta community. View the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan here.

The Plan will be adopted by City Council at a future Council meeting. We will keep you updated.