Settlement Repair Work Completed on Cathedral Oaks Road

The City of Goleta is pleased to announce that the Cathedral Oaks Road Settlement Repair Project was successfully completed in January 2021, ahead of schedule. The project repaired the “dip” in the roadway located about 0.5 miles west of the Cathedral Oaks and Los Carneros intersection. Thank you to everyone for your patience during construction.

Charlie Ebeling, City of Goleta Public Works Director, said, “We are pleased that the dip on Cathedral Oaks Road has been repaired, and we are also happy to share the repair work was completed in less than a weeks’ time. The repair method was based on a thorough geotechnical investigation that ultimately showed that a relatively inexpensive method of leveling the roadway could be used. This method also had far less impacts on roadway users by shortening the construction duration.”

The Cathedral Oaks Road Settlement Repair Project consisted of injecting material treatment beneath the settled roadway to repair the “dip” and bring the roadway elevations back to level grade. The project did not include roadway asphalt surface repairs; this will be included in a future paving project after confirmation that roadway settling has been resolved.

The Cathedral Oaks Road Corridor is one of our primary roadways targeted for repair as part of our Pavement Management Program. Council recently approved construction for the section of Cathedral Oaks Road from Calle Real to Winchester Canyon and Cathedral Oaks Road from Alameda Avenue to Glen Annie Road. We hope to start construction in spring or summer of this year.

Pictured: Construction work on the Cathedral Oaks Road Settlement Repair Project