Let’s See Your #GoodLandGoodPeople Photos

We have been at this pandemic life for almost a year and we know it has taken its toll on so many mentally, physically and financially. We need positive images to keep us going and we need your help. 

Soon after the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Orders began, the City launched our #GoodLandGoodPeople campaign to provide a bright spot during a very difficult time. Nine months since the launch, we have seen our community truly embody the #GoodLandGoodPeople mindset. With the pandemic still going, we want to keep the spirit of this campaign alive and encourage you to share your #GoodLandGoodPeople moments with us. Examples of photos to send include:

  • Creative ways you and your family are working / schooling / playing / staying busy.
  • Pay tribute to those helping others during this time. This includes medical professionals, grocery store workers, first responders, and more.
  • Uplifting images from our community that will make us smile.

One recent example we received that put a smile on our faces was a photo of the Stylers celebrating their 71st anniversary safely together at Mariposa At Ellwood Shores. The Culinary Director, Michael Despres prepared a homemade cake for them to enjoy. Congratulations to the Stylers! Thank you to Mariposa At Ellwood Shores for all you are doing to keep your residents safe and happy during this challenging time.

We would love to hear from you. To participate, email your photo and a brief description/caption to PIO@CityofGoleta.org. Follow us on Facebook (@CityofGoleta) and Instagram (@CityofGoleta) to see the great photos we have already shared and to see what’s next. Please also share on your social media accounts as well and use the hashtag #GoodLandGoodPeople.

Thanks for helping to keep us all uplifted.

Pictured: The Stylers celebrating their 71st wedding anniversary at Mariposa At Ellwood Shores