Goleta Green Room: Trash Reduction and Solid Waste Programs for Everyone

There is more to solid waste than just trash. The majority of the City of Goleta’s solid waste programs are focused on trash reduction: reduce, reuse, recycle. We have many programs to help you! This includes everything from recyclables to bulky items and more. The City of Goleta and MarBorg want you to know about the FREE programs to help you dispose of your waste in the most sustainable and safe way possible.

Textiles: Many people don’t know that you can not only recycle textiles but that it is also FREE. MarBorg offers a free recycling drop-off program for textiles. You can drop off textiles such as clothing, clean rags, scrap cloth, fabric, matching shoes, purses, and backpacks. However, it is not permitted to drop off any items that are contaminated, wet, or soiled. You can drop off your clean textiles to the Goleta Recycling Center (20 David Love Place) or the South Coast Recycling and Transfer Station.

Plastic bags/Film plastics: Not only can you recycle textiles, but you can also recycle certain types of plastic bags and film packaging. The first requirement is that your bags are clean and dry. The types of bags that are recyclable are popped air pillows, newspaper bags, dry cleaner bags, retail bags, case wrap (beverage case/snack wrap), napkin, paper towel, bathroom tissue, and diaper wraps, Bubble wrap, and Bubble-only envelopes, and inside out bread bags. CEC, Channelkeeper, and Ablitt’s are all accepting film plastic drop offs by appointment only. Email sales@ablitts.com to request to receive information about upcoming dates. Learn more about plastic film recycling on CEC’s website or Santa Barbara Channelkeeper’s website.

While this is a great option when you can’t avoid film plastic, we do encourage everyone to try and avoid film plastics as much as possible by following these waste reduction tips on lessismore.org.

Styrofoam: Clean Styrofoam that “snaps into pieces” can be recycled at the Goleta Recycling Center. No packing peanuts, foam that once held food, packing foam sheets, pool noodles, or concrete-coated foam. If it bends without snapping, it cannot be recycled. Clean foam can be turned into mirror and picture frames!

Recycling and Green Waste: MarBorg offers a lot of residential programs that not everyone is familiar with. You can get extra recycling and green waste containers at NO COST. Call MarBorg to learn more: 805-963-1852.

Batteries: MarBorg has a residential curbside battery collection as well. You just put your batteries in a ziplock bag and put it on top of your recycling container on collection day. 

Sharps: If you need a sharps container, then you can request one from MarBorg for FREE safe mail back disposal. Call MarBorg to learn more: 805-963-1852.

Medicine: If you need to dispose of medicines, you can take them to any of your local CVS pharmacies.

Bulky Items: MarBorg offers two FREE bulky item collections annually at no extra cost. All you need to do is call them to schedule pick up (805-963-1852). You can put the bulky items curbside on the scheduled day, and they will be removed. There is no need to dump your old mattress illegally, MarBorg can recycle the box spring steel, foam, fiber, and other wood at no cost to you. You just need to drop off your mattress and box spring to MarBorg’s C&D Facility, located at 119 N. Quarintina St. during regular business hours, and it will be recycled for free.

Household Hazardous Waste: For other Hazardous waste, you have two options. You can take it to the MarBorg Recycling Center (20 David Love Place), Monday through Saturday, 9am – 4pm or to UCSB-Community Hazardous Waste Collection Center (Mesa Road), open Saturdays 9am – 3pm and Sundays 11am – 3pm.

Trash and recyclables can be handled in many ways, and we hope you found some information to help you recycle or dispose of your waste responsibly. The City of Goleta and MarBorg are here to help you dispose of your solid waste in the most sustainably and cost-effectively way possible. We hope you can use these programs to the fullest and continue disposing of waste in responsible ways.