Goleta City Council Encourages You to Protect. Respect. Wear a Mask.

The City of Goleta is pleased to participate in a countywide Protect. Respect. Wear a Mask campaign. Each member of the Goleta City Council is featured (see images below), along with other County leaders, with a personal quote on why they choose to wear a face covering. 

The #ProtectRespectSBC campaign started in North County and now community leaders across Santa Barbara County have joined to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and show their support of local economic opening efforts.  To learn more go to www.protectrespect.org.  

The campaign falls perfectly in line with the City of Goleta’s #reCOVERgoleta campaign. Thank you for helping us spread the word about the importance of wearing a face covering to protect each other and help our community recover.

Pictured: Mayor Paula Perotte

Pictured: Mayor Pro Tempore Kyle Richards (left) and Councilmember Roger Aceves (right)

Pictured: Councilmember Stuart Kasdin (left) and Councilmember James Kyriaco (right)