Updates Approved to City’s Urgency Ordinance on Evictions

The City of Goleta is doing what it can to help protect residents and businesses who are suffering financial hardships due to COVID-19. At its April 21, 2020, virtual City Council meeting, Council approved an urgency ordinance to further refine the City’s previous orders against residential and commercial evictions. Of note is the increase of the repayment period from 6 months to 12 months for residential tenancies. It also prevents landlords from imposing penalties, interest, and late fees to deferred rental payments on both residential and commercial evictions. The ordinance consolidates all of the City’s previous orders into one place.

The ordinance goes a step further by protecting residents from residential and commercial foreclosures. A mortgagee would be prohibited from foreclosing upon a mortgagor who cannot make a mortgage payment due to lost income caused by COVID-19 and sets the parameters of repayment to be 6 months after the local emergency is over. 

Also, as a way to provide some financial relief to businesses, the City Council approved the deferral of business license fees until 60 days after the local emergency is lifted.

Mayor Paula Perotte said, “The City wants to do what we can, where we can, to help residents and businesses who due to circumstances beyond their control have been dealt a devastating financial blow.”