Wildfire Preparedness

The threat of wildfires is always a concern and now is a great time to take some important safety precautions. The Santa Barbara County Fire Department along with the U.S. Forest Service – Los Padres National Forest is reminding the public that in the event of a wildfire, the effort you place on preparing yourself and your property will greatly enhance your safety and your property’s survivability.

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department offers the following tips to help you prepare:

  1. If you live near natural vegetation, clear brush back 100 feet from structures to create a “defensible space” for firefighters
  2. Assemble emergency
  3. Prepare a wildfire action plan.
  4. Determine evacuation
  5. Monitor weather conditions when a fire might occur or to know if there is danger from a wildfire that is already
  6. If a wildfire is already threatening one’s home, go and evacuate

The U.S. Forest Service – Los Padres National Forest reminds residents that fire restrictions in the forest will soon be elevated and dispersed campfires will be prohibited. Santa Barbara County residents should also be familiar with “One Less Spark, One Less Wildfire” principles that include ensuring your vehicle is properly maintained and that tow chains are secured, and that lawn mowers and weed whackers are used only in the mornings and late afternoons.

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department reminds people that fire season is now year round. What you do now can increase your home’s survivability later. Please visit www.sbcfire.com Ready! Set! Go! program for more information on preparing your personal wildfire action plan.

All Santa Barbara County Fire Department News Releases are available at www.sbcfire.com

Photo courtesy of Photographer Mike Eliason with the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.