City of Goleta Census 2020 Self-Response Rate Continues to Climb

The City of Goleta is pleased to report that over 68% of all Goleta households have filled out their 2020 Census. As a comparison, the final response number for the City of Goleta in the 2010 Census was 75.3%. The City of Goleta is encouraging community members to Make Goleta Count and fill out their census NOW if they have not already.  We need your help to achieve our goal of 100% participation in the 2020 Census!  The City is proud of our Make Goleta Count campaign which has helped spread the word about the importance of filling out the census. Please watch and share our Make Goleta Count video.

Mayor of Goleta Paula Perotte said, “I am so proud of our community for Goleta’s strong response so far but we have more work to do to make sure everyone is counted. If you have not completed your census yet, please take just a few minutes to do so. Also, it’s important that you encourage others to complete their census as well. Let’s get everyone counted!”

This is the first year you can fill out your census on-line at If you did not respond to a postcard invitation to participate on-line, you should have received a paper copy of the census. If you need help filling out your census, you can call the toll-free number at (844) 330-2020. 

When filling out your census, please remember to count everyone in your household even if they are not family members. Also, don’t forget to count children even if they are babies.  It’s estimated that one in 10 children under age five were missed in the last census.  That is more than two million uncounted children. Also, it’s important to know that the 2020 Census is confidential and your personal information, by law, can’t be shared.

Emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic are precisely why the government needs accurate 2020 Census Data. Your response to the 2020 Census shapes decisions about how billions of dollars in federal funds flow into communities each year for the next ten years.

The following items are at stake for Goleta if there is an undercount in the 2020 census:

  • Loss of revenue for TEN years
  • Federal funding for Community Development Block Grants
  • Library funding
  • Gas tax related revenue for road repairs
  • Special funding based on population
  • District election boundaries

You can track the Census completion rate for the City and other areas by using the Response Rate Map

Learn more about the 2020 Census on the City’s census webpage and on Santa Barbara County’s census website. Information in Spanish is also available on the City website and Santa Barbara County website.