Thank You to Our Amazing Public Works Department

May 17-23, 2020, is National Public Works Week and a great opportunity to thank our talented Public Works Department. This group of 25 dedicated employees are responsible for the City’s infrastructure, parks and open spaces, street maintenance, storm water management, solid waste and environmental services, and engineering. Learn more about each division here, and watch this video where Public Works Director and City Engineer Charlie Ebeling gives an overview of the department.

The City of Goleta’s Public Works department works hard year-round to improve the quality of life for those who live, work and play in Goleta. Every time you travel on a city street, take a stroll on the sidewalk, or spend some time at one of the many parks and opens spaces in our City, you are surrounded by the services provided by the Public Works department.  From constructing, cleaning, repairing, and maintaining city streets and sidewalks to creating and maintaining the parks and open spaces, Public Works is all around you.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the Public Works department has kept up the highest level of service while many have transferred to working remote. The Maintenance Crew is continuing their essential work in the community. In doing so, the Public Works Department has implemented a number of safety precautions for the protection and the safety of its Maintenance Crew and the community.

City of Goleta Public Works Director Charlie Ebeling said, “Public Safety includes operating and maintaining public infrastructure and facilities such as roadways, bridges, traffic signals, storm drain systems and many other public facilities. Public Works staff is grateful for the opportunity to provide these types of services to the Public and we take pride in the positive impacts Public Works has when the City’s infrastructure operates in a safe and efficient manner for the Public.”

Ultimately, in conformance with the State of California Governor’s Orders, the Department of Public Works will continue to perform important maintenance work that addresses Public Safety. The Maintenance Workers and all Public Works staff will continue to meet all safety regulations with safety being the highest priority.

Thank you, Public Works Department, for all you do for the community and adjusting in order to continue serving the community in these uncertain times.