Bicycle Projects Update

The City is working on a number of bicycle projects.

Solar powered LED lighting was recently installed along a 1,750 foot portion of the Maria Ygnacio Bike Trail, resulting in the entire trail now being lit.

The Ward Drive Class II Bike Lanes project will provide bicycle access along Ward Drive from Hollister Avenue to the Atascadero Creek/Obern Trail, providing access to UCSB and Isla Vista. It is currently out to bid. The City anticipates awarding the project on February 21 with construction beginning in April 2017. The estimated completion date is July 2017.

The Hollister Class 1 Bike Path will create a way for the many school children living south of Hollister Avenue to safely bike to Ellwood School.  This project is currently out to bid with work set to begin in late spring 2017.  In an effort to not disrupt the daily commute of Ellwood School students traveling to and from school, construction impacting the sidewalk along the south side of Hollister Avenue will begin in summer when school is out.

The San Jose Creek Bike Path Southern Extent will construct a Class I/Class II bike path adjacent to San Jose Creek, from Hollister Avenue to the Atascadero Creek Class I Bike Path at Goleta Beach.  This project will provide a commuter bike route and recreational access from Old Town Goleta to UCSB and Goleta Beach.  The City is currently working with Caltrans and the County of Santa Barbara on the preliminary engineering phase of the project.

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