Damage to Signal Traffic Pole at Maravilla Causes Delays

Recently, a vehicle crashed into and knocked down the traffic signal pole at Calle Real and Maravilla (the entrance to Maravilla). This destroyed the vehicle detection camera as well as the wiring for the traffic signal.  A temporary pole has been installed to keep traffic moving on Calle Real, however it will take three months to get the new signal pole with vehicle detection camera installed due to manufacturing time.

The vehicle detection camera is the device that allows the signal to “detect” when a vehicle is waiting to turn left or right out of Maravilla and temporarily stops traffic on Calle Real. Without this detection camera the signal pole continuously cycles through to give a green light to every direction causing drivers to become frustrated because they are getting red lights to stop at Calle Real when there are no vehicles leaving from Maravilla.

The City is asking for your patience and to obey all traffic laws while we get this item ordered and installed.