New Parking Restrictions Intended to Increase Safety in Isla Vista

University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), and the City of Goleta have been working closely together to identify measures to increase safety in our community.  UCSB has developed and recently implemented new parking restrictions which restrict those without a valid parking pass from parking on campus on Friday and Saturday nights.  Starting at 11:59 pm, only those people with a Faculty, Staff, Commuter Student, Residential Student or Housing, Undergraduate or Graduate Night and Weekend, Restricted, Emeriti, Staff Retired, Isla Vista Access/22 Storage, and TAP Meter permit may park on campus.  No passes will be available for purchase at kiosks those evenings after 10:00 pm and parking violations will carry a steep penalty.   

The campus Weekend Overnight Visitor Parking restrictions are meant to keep the UCSB campus safe and secure, and to discourage the use of campus parking by late-night and overnight visitors to Isla Vista.

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