Citizen Q&A: What’s Happening to Our Trees at Stow Grove Park?

A community member recently asked what was happening with the redwoods at Stow Grove Park. We thought this might be information others in our community would be interested in as well…

When some of the redwoods at Stow Grove Park were showing signs of distress, City staff contacted the City’s contract arborist to complete a thorough analysis. He conducted soil testing and provided subsequent recommendations which included the removal of ten unsalvageable trees.

Since the redwoods are growing out of their native habitat, and we are in a significant drought, the trees are not getting the necessary water. If they were in their native habitat in Oregon or Northern California, the trees would be obtaining more moisture from the air. In order to mimic those conditions, the City is now spraying water up into the trees. The irrigation system has also been modified to improve water distribution.

Special fertilizer has been applied to the root structures, and the City will continue that semi-annually.  Additional tree pruning and the application of mulch should also help with the health of this forest. Trust that the City is doing everything it can to maintain this treasured resource.