Healthy Homes for Healthier Living Webinar

Are you interested in learning how your living space may be affecting your health or how you can lower your utility bills while making your home safer and more comfortable?

3C-REN’s (Tri-County Regional Energy Network) next webinar on June 8th from 4:00-6:00 p.m., Healthy Homes for Healthier Living, will help you understand how your home works, how it can affect your health, and steps you can take to mitigate health risks.

Some key home-related health concepts you’ll learn: 

  • Your home acts as a system that needs to be managed; through a combination of the building and its components, what’s inside your building, and how you occupy and manage your indoor environment.
  • There are eight healthy home principles that work together as a successful strategy for improving your home environment.
  • Learn how to clean smart! Home cleaning is all about your health and reducing exposure to things in the home that are known to contribute to increases in health complaints.
  • Modern homes and their contents directly impact how much moisture is available to create problems that lead to mold growth and allergen overload.
  • The best intentions of homeowners sometimes have the worst consequences. Learn some common pitfalls in home maintenance and how to avoid creating health impacts.
  • Your comfort in any home is all about good ventilation and air management. Things like air sealing and insulation are just as important as the products you use to clean with for better health in your home.

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