Footbridge at Lake Los Carneros to Remain Closed

The City’s Public Works Department, in coordination with an independent civil engineering firm, completed a structural assessment of the pedestrian footbridge at Lake Los Carneros and will be presenting the findings to City Council at a future meeting. The key findings of the bridge evaluation include:

  • The bridge should be closed for all operational and service usage.
  • The existing bridge should be demolished and removed.
  • The bridge should be replaced, instead of repaired, due to the extent of deterioration of its supporting elements and to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for accessibility.

The bridge replacement cost and timeline are not yet determined. Public Works Department staff will provide the City Council with a recommended capital improvement project and project delivery process to remove the bridge and begin the redesign and permitting phases. The bridge evaluation report is available here

For questions or concerns, please contact George Thomson, Parks and Open Space Manager at or (805) 961-7578. 

Pictured: “An independent civil engineering firm inspects the support posts for the Lake Los Carneros pedestrian bridge.”