Goleta Train Depot Design Review Board Input on July 13

The Goleta Design Review Board will conduct an Advisory review and offer comments on design-related issues for the Goleta Train Depot project located at 27 South La Patera Lane. The Design Review Board (DRB) Meeting will be held virtually on Tuesday, July 13 at 3:00 p.m. A link to participate will be available in the agenda within 72 hours of the meeting; the agenda can be accessed on the City website at www.CityofGoleta.org/GoletaMeetings. View the Notice of Public Hearing here.

Project Description (City request for DRB Advisory Input):

This is a request for Advisory review. This is a City of Goleta project which does not require formal review or approval by the DRB. However, this is an important Gateway project for the community and City staff is interested in soliciting DRB’s input for a third time.

The property includes an existing 39,800-square foot warehouse structure with an associated parking lot, outdoor storage area, and vehicle yard on an approximately 2.5-acre parcel. The existing warehouse structure covers approximately 50 percent of the overall site and is situated in the middle of the northern middle side of the project site. The City is replacing the existing warehouse structure, built in 1967, with a new approximately 9,000 square foot Goleta Train Depot structure.

The project would involve demolition of the existing warehouse structure and construction of a new train depot building. Other components of the project include a parking lot and a passenger drop-off area, outdoor waiting areas, bike storage, signage, outdoor lighting, and landscaping.

After demolition, a new Goleta Train Depot (“GTD”) building and required associated amenities for the Depot would be constructed. These amenities would be located both within the project site as well as within the City-owned right-of-way adjacent to and leading to the site. The proposed Depot structure would provide a permanent, enclosed, and safe structure for Amtrak passengers to use as they wait to board or after they disembark from trains.

Environmental Review (In-process):

The City will prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and circulate this document for public review, and the City Council will review all aspects of the project including the adequacy of the proposed EIR at the time the first action is taken on the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) project. Staff is requesting input on the design concept at this stage (35% conceptual drawings) in the project review process.

Additional Information:

Please contact Jaime Valdez, Goleta Train Depot Project Manager, at (805) 961-7568, or via email at jvaldez@cityofgoleta.org for more information on this project. Comments on this project may be emailed to the project planner by 5:00 p.m. the day before the hearing date.

Learn more about the Goleta Train Depot project at www.tinyurl.com/GoletaTrainDepot.

Pictured: Goleta Train Depot rendering