Almost 4,000 Pounds of Trash Collected during Coastal Clean-Up Month!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Coastal Clean-Up Month which protects our coasts by cleaning up neighborhoods and natural areas. Due to COVID-19, this annual event was different than previous years. Coastal Clean-Up occurred throughout the month of September in local neighborhoods and using technology to collaborate instead of the usual large gatherings at sites throughout the County on a single day. The City of Goleta partnered on the event with the County of Santa Barbara, local jurisdictions, and Explore Ecology who was the event coordinator. Explore Ecology shared the final numbers, but they only represent the people that reported them, so we know there were lots more volunteers and trash picked up!

  • Total Clean-Up Events: 151
  • Total Volunteers: 771
  • Total Trash Collected: 3,889 pounds; 16,605 pieces
  • Top pieces found: 2,796 plastic pieces; 2,710 cigarette butts; 1,950 food wrappers

Graphic courtesy of Explore Ecology