Swimming Pool Safety

It only takes a few seconds for a person to drown, and drowning accidents are the leading cause of death for children one to four years of age. Almost 70 percent of all drowning accidents occur in backyard swimming pools; however, people can drown in just a few inches of water. Santa Barbara County Fire would like share these swimming pool safety tips.

Safety Tips to Prevent Drownings:

  • NEVER allow children to be alone when near water; make sure an adult is always present.
  • Make sure that the pool is secure at all
  • Keep toys out of the pool area when not in
  • Mount approved floatation devices near the pool. Many toy floatation devices are thought to be lifesaving devices; they are not. They are toys!
  • Never dive into an above-ground pool. Know the depth of the water before you attempt to dive.
  • Keep a telephone outside near the pool. DO NOT leave children unattended to talk on the
  • Post the 911 emergency number on the

If a child or adult is in trouble in a pool:

  • Do not panic. Yell for
  • Get the child or adult out of the pool
  • Call 911 immediately for emergency medical
  • Begin CPR if
  • If you are not trained in CPR, follow the telephone instructions from the Fire Department Dispatcher until firefighters arrive to assist

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department urges all Santa Barbara County residents to exercise safety during any water recreational activity.