Don’t Forget Your Face Covering

Face coverings are now a part of our daily life. They have the potential to slow the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the spread of respiratory droplets. To protect the community, the County Health Officer Dr. Henning Ansorg, M.D. issued Health Officer Order No. 2020-10 which requires the use of face coverings for those over age 13 in the following situations:

  • When inside of or in line to enter any and all businesses.
  • When using public transportation, a private car service, or a ride-sharing vehicle. Drivers must wear a face covering while driving or operating vehicles regardless of whether a member of the public is in the vehicle.
  • All businesses must require employees, contractors, owners, and volunteers to wear a face covering at the workplace and at off-site work locations.

Exceptions, guidelines and information relative to this order can be found in the full Health officer Order located here.

Prior to the health order, the City of Goleta passed a resolution that requires face coverings be worn by both employees and patrons at restaurants, essential businesses, and all businesses allowed to reopen. Face coverings include any fabric coverings, such as cloth masks, scarves and bandanas that cover the nose and mouth.

Santa Barbara MTD and Santa Barbara Airport are covered by the Public Health Order, but had previously begun requiring face coverings, among other initiatives, to protect the safety of passengers and employees.

The Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade and SB Mask Makers are sewing cloth face coverings, and providing them for free, to help protect critical service workers and at-risk community members. Critical service workers include nurses, agricultural workers, disaster feeding plan volunteers, County Public Health workers, homeless shelter workers, grocery store checkers, and others.  If you or your agency is in need of masks, you can request them here:

After you sign up, a Bucket Brigade team member will get in touch within 48 hours to discuss you or your agency’s face covering needs. Signing up does not guarantee that you will receive face coverings, but – if your request meets the at-risk or critical service criteria – you will be put into the queue for available face coverings.

The Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade is also looking for volunteers to help sew masks, deliver and pick up goods, and more. Learn more here:

Pictured: Lisa Bradbury Liles, Goleta resident, delivering 400 cloth face coverings to Isla Vista Youth Projects