Goleta’s Green Room

Do you know about the City’s Environmental Services Division? It has many programs aimed at stormwater and water protection, recycling, reuse, and reducing solid waste. The City’s new Environmental Services Coordinator, Melissa Nelson, will be sharing information monthly in the Monarch Press on the City’s programs as well as some helpful tips. This month’s topics are bulky items pickup and storm drains.

Bulky Items Pickup…Spread the Word! Leaving items on the street without contacting Marborg for collection is illegal. Luckily, Marborg provides 2 FREE bulky items pick-ups per property at your curb/driveway per year. All you need to do is call and schedule a pick-up service. Then leave your items outside for the scheduled day and MarBorg will come to collect on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Spread the word and help to keep your neighborhood and community clean! To schedule your bulky item pick-up, contact MarBorg at 805-963-1852.

Did you Know Storm Drains Flow Directly into Creeks and the Ocean? Oceans begin on your street! Contaminating storm drains can cause illness in aquatic life, wildlife, and humans. You can help to keep our waters clean by:

  • Washing cars at a commercial car wash where water is treated. Or wash your car on an unpaved surface (lawn) and do not let the water reach the street.
  • Never pour motor oil down storm drains, on the ground, or in the street. Recycle used oil by taking it to an authorized auto parts store, gas station, or hazardous waste collection center.
  • Use organic gardening techniques and avoid herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers as much as possible.
  • Pick up after your pet and dispose of pet waste in the trash.
  • Never dump chemicals down storm drains, in gutters or streets, or in creeks.
  • Reduce runoff: use permeable pavement, soil amendments, and other methods of stormwater capture.

Thanks for all you do to keep our water and community clean!

Pictured: Melissa Nelson, Environmental Services Coordinator