Weigh In on the Future of Goleta’s Creeks & Watersheds at Feb. 26 Workshop

Join us for the first workshop of the new year on the City’s Creek and Watershed Management Plan (CWMP): February 26, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. at the Goleta Valley Community Center (5679 Hollister Avenue). Because our creeks are such an integral part of the Goleta landscape and provide important habitat and drainage functions, the City would like your input on how our creeks and watersheds should be cared for into the future. This workshop will focus on the work City staff and the consultant team have done over the past few months. The public will be able to hear and provide feedback on the technical details of field surveys performed, the outline and background information for the CWMP, and the remaining work to be done. The workshop format will include a presentation and ample opportunities for the community to ask questions and share insights for the development of the CWMP; Spanish interpretation will be available.

The City of Goleta is fortunate to have a dozen creeks that run through our community. Not only are these creeks available for us to enjoy, but they also are home to a number of special-status species including frogs and fish. In addition, our creeks drain the Valley and the foothills into the Ocean and play an important role in addressing flooding. Learn more about the project and sign up for project updates at https://tinyurl.com/GoletaCWMP.