LEAD Goleta is Underway

We have a fantastic group of engaged community members as the cohort of our second LEAD Goleta Community Academy (January and February 2020)! LEAD stands for Learn, Empower, Advocate and Discuss, and is open to 30 Santa Barbara County residents, including high school and college students. This six-week class is designed to give community members an inside look at how local government works so that they can effectively participate, share that knowledge with others, and possibly even consider a future role in city governance. Three people from the City’s first LEAD Goleta Community Academy went on to serve on a Board or Commission.

During each class, participants hear directly from City staff or Councilmembers. LEAD is also very hands on, with attendees having the opportunity to tour the newly purchased City Hall building and participate in a mock City Council meeting. The current class will graduate on February 12. We can’t wait to show you photos and video from this Academy class.  Stay tuned!

The next LEAD Goleta Community Academy will take place in the fall. Please email jshaw@cityofgoleta.org if you would like to be notified when applications are available for LEAD Goleta Fall 2020.