Street Paving Coming Soon!

The City of Goleta is aware of the deteriorating condition of the roads and understands that those who use these roads are frustrated. There are over 80 miles of roads in the City of Goleta and City Council has approved $18.3 million to help repair these roads over the next five years. The first part of the project begins this month and includes:

  • Calle Real
    • Cathedral Oaks Road to Winchester Canyon Road
    • Winchester Canyon Road to Salisbury Avenue
    • Kingston Avenue to Kellogg Avenue
    • Fairview Avenue to Valdez Avenue
    • Rochester Place to Brandon Drive
    • Brandon Drive to Calaveras Avenue
  • Hollister Avenue
    • Patterson Avenue to East City Limit
  • Los Carneros Road
    • 500 feet North of Hollister Avenue to Calle Koral
  • Cathedral Oaks Road
    • 100 feet East of Arundel Road to East City Limit
    • Fairview Avenue to 100 feet East of Arundel Road 
  • Cathedral Oaks Class I Bike Trail
    • West End to Alameda Avenue

For more information, please read the Staff Report and corresponding PowerPoint Presentation shown at the May 2 City Council meeting found here.