New Lifesaving Trauma Kits for City of Goleta First Responders

In an effort to ensure medical aid is provided to the injured in a timely and efficient manner, the City of Goleta will be providing each of the 50 first responders assigned to the Sheriff’s Goleta Valley Patrol Bureau (which includes Isla Vista, Unincorporated Goleta Valley and the City of Goleta) with a Crisis Response Medical Trauma kit. These trauma kits provide essential life-saving equipment to begin treating injured victims until more advanced medical personnel and equipment arrive. In many of today’s large scale critical incidents, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel are delayed in responding into a “hot zone” until their safety can be assured. So for large scale incidents like school or work place mass shootings, the first responders need to provide medical care until the scene is rendered safe and then medical personnel can enter the scene and safely tend to the wounded. Providing the Crisis Response Medical Trauma Kit to each of the first responders will ensure that they can provide medical aid to the injured in a timely and efficient manner. An additional benefit to these kits is that they contain essential medical items to allow deputies to administer self-aid in the event that they are injured in the field.

The kits are funded by the City of Goleta’s Public Safety Fund, which is funded entirely by Camino Real LLC (owner of Camino Real Marketplace). Camino Real LLC has contributed over $1,050,000 for Goleta public safety efforts since 2008. Contributions are used for funding public safety needs: operations and equipment purchases, public education and emergency preparedness effort, community emergency response training and certification, public outreach and communication – emergency notifications systems and/or other community projects mutually desired and agreed upon by Camino Real LLC and the City.