2022-2023 Pavement Rehab Project Nearing Completion

The 2022-2023 Pavement Rehabilitation Project (Project) is almost complete. The Project began in November 2022 and is anticipated to be completed this month (September 2023). The Project is part of the City’s ongoing effort to maintain and improve roads including restoring the street segments and new asphalt road surface pavement. The Project also includes rehabilitation methods from grind and overlays to full-depth reconstruction, concrete curbs & gutter construction, American Disability Act (ADA) ramps updated to compliance, and traffic striping. The road segments rehabilitated are the following:  

  • Cannon Green Neighborhood 
  • Convington Neighborhood 
  • Hillsboro Way (Hillsboro Street to Cul-De-Sac)
  • Lowell Way (Hollister Avenue to Lowell Way and West End Cul-De-Sac to East End Cul-De-Sac) 
  • Los Carneros Way (Calle Real to Cathedral Oaks Road)  
  • Storke Road (Bollay Drive to Hollister Avenue) 
  • Cathedral Oaks Road (Evergreen Drive to Alameda Avenue) 

With the Project wrapping up, the City is looking ahead at the 2023 Pavement Rehabilitation Project, which is in the final design phase. The City is slated to go to City Council in the coming weeks for approval of the plans & specifications and to receive authorization to issue a notice inviting construction bids for the 2023 Pavement Rehabilitation Project. In addition, The City will present the three-year priority street list (2024, 2025, and 2026) to the City Council.  

The City uses the Pavement Management Program (PMP) as a planning tool that facilitates the identification of the proposed list of priority roadways to be included in the City’s annual pavement rehabilitation projects. The PMP tracks the pavement condition and develops periodic pavement maintenance activities and projects based on the conditions. In conjunction with the PMP recommendations, the City also considers the public’s input and staff’s experience and understanding of the roadway network when developing a priority roadway list.

The Annual Pavement Rehabilitation Project has many long-term benefits for our community. By continuing to reinvest in rehabilitating our roadways, we are improving road safety and network efficiency. If you have any questions on the Annual Pavement Projects, contact Daniel Virgen Jr, Assistant Engineer, at dvirgen@cityofgoleta.org

Pictured: Newly paved Cathedral Oaks Road at Evergreen Drive