September Observances

We hope you will join us in recognizing some significant dates on the calendar this September:

  • Labor Day, on September 4, is an annual commemoration of social achievements of workers in the United States. This day honors the workers who have labored away tirelessly to improve to the quality of life for American workers.
  • Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 – October 15, celebrates the histories, cultures and contributions of Americans whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. The Hispanic/Latino population of the US is the largest ethnic or racial minority in the country. 
  • There are also two Jewish holy days this September. Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on September 15 and is the celebration of the Jewish New Year followed by Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, which begins at sundown on September 24. Yom Kippur is the most widely observed Jewish holiday of the year.