Don’t Let the Heat Get to You

The hottest season of the year is approaching and there could be excessive heat warnings in the future. These hot temperatures can lead to multiple different impacts, ranging from heat-related illnesses to sundowner winds that can spark fires. Here’s a little information about both.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are two heat-related illnesses that can happen to anyone. The symptoms of both illnesses are similar, and can include dizziness, nausea, heavy sweating, and hot skin. Sounds uncomfortable, right? You can avoid these illnesses by simply taking it easy, finding a place out of the sun, drinking cool non-alcoholic liquids, and taking frequent breaks. Listen to your body and stay hydrated!

It’s also important to watch out for anything that could spark a fire. When it’s hot, it’s usually dry too. Sounds obvious, right? But this is exactly the time to be extra careful with anything that carries a flame. Be mindful of candles, grills, cigarettes or other smokables that could be tossed onto the ground (ahem, please don’t litter). Don’t be the person who started a fire due to carelessness.

It’s also important to remember about sundowners. Sundowner winds are common with the high heat, and those winds can feed any spark and start a fire that runs out of control.

Take care with the incoming heat and remember to enjoy the sunshine (when it comes out)!