Economic Development Plan Approved

The City of Goleta now has a roadmap to guide the City’s efforts to support the business community and create a sustainable Goleta economy for all. At the June 27, 2023, Special City Council Meeting, the Council unanimously approved and adopted the City’s 5-year Economic Development Strategic Plan (Plan). The Plan was developed by key community and business leaders in response to a more than a yearlong robust community and stakeholder engagement process.

Mayor Paula Perotte said, “A great deal of thought and consideration went into the formulation of the City’s 5-Year Economic Development Strategic Plan. We appreciate all the great feedback we received from both the community and business leaders. This Plan is a shared blueprint for action and will play a vital role in advancing strategies that foster economic growth and resilience in the City of Goleta for the next five years. The City looks forward to working with all of our partners to make this Plan a reality and achieving the vision of the plan to make Goleta a place for all to thrive.”

The plan calls for six imperatives—broad areas of focus supported by a set of Strategies—initiatives or actions designed to achieve Plan goals—and Objectives that will help the City measure progress and success. The six Imperatives from the Plan are outlined below:

  • Amplify the reputation of Goleta as a world-class center of innovation and technology.
  • Improve access to economic opportunity by increasing the availability of livable-wage jobs and enhancing support for local BIPOC and women-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Position Goleta as a local leader of high-quality, innovative affordable child-care and housing solutions.
  • Enhance the experience of Goleta for both residents and visitors by leveraging Old Town’s unique historical and cultural identity and investing in district placemaking.
  • Promote and advocate for smart investments in essential community infrastructure.
  • Improve City Government support of local businesses and relationships with economic development stakeholders.

The full Plan is available on the City’s Economic Development webpage and directly here:

If you have any questions, please reach out to Ryan Kintz, Assistant to the City Manager, at