Community Disaster Education Course July 26

Courses Available for Groups of Ten or More in English or Spanish

Preparing for an emergency can be difficult and where do you start? You can create a go-bag for your car, but what do you put in that bag? You are invited to find out answers to these questions and more by attending the City of Goleta’s upcoming free Community Disaster Education (CDE) course at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 26th at Goleta City Hall (130 Cremona Drive). In addition, groups of ten or more can request their own CDE class in English or Spanish. Attendees will learn how to prepare their homes and workplace for a disaster and what to expect when an emergency occurs.

The City began offering the one-hour course to groups this past November and since then more than 200 people have participated. Goleta’s Emergency Services Coordinator Michael Baris credits the successful launch of the program to its simplicity. He said, “The best part is that a CDE can be held anywhere and during most hours: during a lunch break, after hours at a Homeowners Association (HOA) meeting, or at a weekend community gathering.”

A limited number of CDE courses are available each month, are scheduled on a first-come, first serve basis and cannot be held in single family homes. If you want to request a CDE course for your group, go to and submit the short form in English or Spanish, then wait for a City representative to return your message and schedule a time for the CDE. For any additional questions regarding CDEs, please send an email to

We hope to see you on July 26th at Goleta City Hall. Thanks for helping us spread the word about this informative course.