Reporting Storm Damage to the City

It has been a busy Winter Storm Season. We thank our amazing Goleta Public Works Team for all of its prevention and cleanup efforts and we also thank our attentive community members for helping keep our community safe. You are an important aspect of communication for us, especially following a storm, to let us know if there are any problems that the City needs to respond to.

At the March 7 City Council meeting, Public Works staff will provide an update on the January storm damage to the City Council. The significant rainfall we had on January 9, 2023, caused flooding, damage to public rights-of-way, downed trees blocking sidewalks and streets, road closures, and disruption of public services. The storm prompted the County of Santa Barbara and the City of Goleta to declare a local emergency.

In the aftermath of the storm, City staff, along with consultants, have been assessing the damage to City property and infrastructure in order to make repairs and apply for any federal funding.

While several locations had storm damage, three of the largest were:

  • Jonny D. Wallis Neighborhood Park (170 S. Kellogg Ave in Old Town): There is an estimated 5.5-foot diameter sinkhole that is 36-inches deep. Granite Construction will be doing repairs in the coming weeks.
  • Ellwood Mesa Bluffs: The trail was eroded by the storm. Repair to the slope will begin after the rainy season for stability of equipment.
  • San Rossano Drive and Padova Drive Drain: There is a 36-inch-deep sinkhole near the curb drain inlet. Public Works staff has taken preventive measures by fencing off the damaged locations for public safety. A contractor will be secured soon to do repairs on the damaged area.

With another storm recently occurring in late February, and the possibility of more this season, staff will be monitoring the locations with damage, as well as checking for any new damage. We appreciate the public notifying us as well about problems in the City right-of-way so we can address those issues. Please use our online reporting system, City Assist, at