Thank You Public Works Department

The City of Goleta Public Works Maintenance Crew is always hard at work, but especially when there is a fire and/or rainstorm in our area. This hardworking team of eight are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep our streets and infrastructure safe. During the Cave Fire and following storm, they assisted with placing barricades in evacuated areas and pre-positioned barricades in flood prone areas. They checked storm drains and monitored the situation day and night. They also stocked the three sandbag stations in Goleta with new, more environmentally friendly burlap bags. This is in addition to their regular workload of maintaining the City’s parks and open spaces, filling potholes, taking care of overgrown foliage, and more. A heartfelt thank you to Goleta Public Works for all you do!

Photo: Public Works Maintenance Crew