New Lights Shine Bright at Goleta Valley Library

The Goleta Valley Library went green this holiday season by taking advantage of Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Direct Install Program to provide upgraded energy-efficient lighting throughout the building. The new LED equipment and installation was free of charge and will provide long term energy and cost savings to the Library. Generally, LED lights use at least 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. By making the transition to LED, the Library is reducing its energy use, carbon footprint, and electricity bill.

The Library is very excited about the improvements as the new lighting has made a significant difference in the daily experience of visitors and staff alike. Library Director Allison Gray said, “It has greatly increased visibility in the library, making all activities easier. Library users noticed the difference immediately and remarked how much of an improvement it is.”

The Direct Install Program allows small businesses the opportunity to have an SCE contractor identify energy-savings opportunities in their facility and provide no- or low-cost energy efficient products, including installation. Through the City’s participation in the South Coast Energy Efficiency Partnership, (SCEEP), Southern California Edison extended their Direct Install Program to local government partners. Learn more about the SCE Direct Install program here.