Styrofoam Recycling Comes to Santa Barbara County!

Tired of not being able to recycle your Styrofoam? MarBorg Industries and Heal the Ocean have partnered to create a pilot program for Styrofoam recycling in Santa Barbara County! Help make the program a success by dropping off your Styrofoam for free at 20 David Love Place in Goleta and 132 Nopalitos Way in Downtown Santa Barbara – do not place it in your blue recycling bin. Instead of making its way to the ocean and hurting wildlife, the recycled Styrofoam is “densified” into viscous material that is reformed into usable products such as mirrors, picture frames, and new packing materials. Any form of Styrofoam is accepted, including the type electronics are shipped in, construction material, and meat trays. However, Styrofoam must be clean (no tape, aluminum wrapping, concrete, food…). Packing “peanuts” and softer Polyurethane foam materials are not accepted. Learn more about the program here.