Development Impact Fee Changes for Beneficial Projects

At the July 16, 2019, City Council meeting, Council adopted a Development Impact Fee (DIF) Reduction Program for Beneficial Projects. These reductions provide financial relief to new and proposed projects that provide valuable services to the Goleta community. Project categories which can now receive a reduced or waived DIF include:

  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) with a floor area of 500 square feet or less will receive a 100% Development Impact Fee (DIF) waiver
  • ADUs with a floor area exceeding 500 square feet will have a flat $5,000 DIF
  • Qualifying non-profit organizations will receive a 100% DIF reduction up to the first 15,000 square feet of the project
  • Qualifying non-profit Special Care Homes, Residential Care Facilities, Assisted Living, Supportive Housing, Transitional Housing, Special Needs Housing, Child Care Facility, Family Day Care or Day Care will receive a 100% DIF waiver; for-profits will receive an 85% DIF reduction

With lower fees, it is hoped that there will be more future projects that benefit the community. The new fees are currently in effect; applicable refunds are in progress.