Get Familiar with Santa Barbara County’s New Storm Process

We wanted to make sure you were aware of the new storm evacuation terms, 72-hour storm evacuation timeline, and interactive map for Santa Barbara County recently released by County and emergency officials. SB County Sheriff’s deputies distributed Storm Readiness Evacuation Information Booklets with this information and more, around the streets of Montecito and Carpinteria. The booklets are available throughout the community. More information on storm preparedness can be found at

  • Evacuation Terms: No longer is it a mandatory or voluntary evacuation. The new terminology was created to provide more clarity to residents in the event evacuations are necessary due to an approaching storm. The three new evacuation terms are: Pre-Evacuation Advisory, Recommended Evacuation Warning and Mandatory Evacuation Order. Find the definitions at under “Storm Readiness”.
  • Evacuation Timeline: The 72-hour storm evacuation timeline outlines when the Sheriff’s Office will issue the first pre-evacuation advisory, the recommended evacuation warning, and the mandatory evacuation order for residents in extreme and high-risk areas.
  • Interactive map: With the interactive map, residents can enter their address and determine if they are located in extreme or high-risk areas. The map can be accessed at