Santa Barbara County Wants You to Know Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go is Santa Barbara County’s storm readiness program. Be storm ready – know and follow the three steps below. If at any time you feel unsafe, take immediate action and do not wait for a notification to evacuate. Please remember that sometimes a storm can quickly develop and cause a flash flood and debris flow with little or no warning. Officials may only be able to alert the public with just a few minutes notice or none at all. Get more information at and view the Ready, Set, Go! flyer here.

Ready – Be Alert and Aware.
A weather ADVISORY will be issued 72 to 48 hours before the storm. The County Office of Emergency Management will alert the community to an upcoming storm of a certain duration and intensity that may pose a possible risk to life or property. Community members should closely monitor the situation, have a plan, and prepare their home.

Set – Prepare to Leave.
Should the need exist, an evacuation WARNING will be issued 48 to 24 hours before the storm. Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office will warn all in the affected area that there is a high possibility of an evacuation due to an incoming storm with a certain duration or intensity that may pose a risk to life or property. Arrange transportation, gather your items and be ready to leave. People with access and functional needs or large animals should take action as needed.

Go – Leave Now!
The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office will order those in the affected area to leave immediately if the incoming storm poses an extreme risk for loss of life and property. Persons who refuse to comply with an evacuation order will not be forcibly removed from their home. However, they should not expect rescue or other lifesaving assistance after the onset of the emergency event.