Are You Prepared for a Multi-Day Power Outage?

Southern California Edison (SCE) has recently developed a plan to shut off power when high risk weather could start a wildfire. The Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) could lead to multi-day power outages in Goleta during periods of extremely hot, dry, and/or windy weather. A PSPS outage will last as long as the potentially dangerous weather conditions exist, plus the amount of time it takes for power company workers to inspect and repair their equipment in the affected area(s). Residents need to prepare for a power outage that could last 3-5 days.

The City has put together tips on how to prepare for a multi-day power outage including knowing how to manually open your automatic garage door and having a battery-operated radio. Click here to learn more.  It is also recommended to register for emergency alerts from the Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management (SBCOEM) at To receive emergency information from the City of Goleta, go to, text Goleta Emergency to 468311, or call 961-7508.

Learn more about Public Safety Power Shutoffs on the SCE website.