$2.5 Million South Coast Workforce Homebuyer Program Available

We all know there are many benefits to living close to work, but the price of housing on the South Coast makes it near impossible for many who work here to own a home. Benefits of living near work include stronger community involvement since people feel more connected to their community and have more time, as well as environmental benefits of reducing air pollution and traffic congestion. In order to keep the local workforce talent, and businesses, from moving elsewhere, the Housing Trust Fund (HTF) of Santa Barbara County is offering a South Coast Workforce Homebuyers Program to help first-time homebuyers with the 20% down payment required when purchasing a home. This program was featured at our State of the City in May of this year. Using $2.5 million in investment capital, HTF will provide qualified first-time homebuyers with a low-cost down payment loan up to 16.5% of the home purchase price (maximum $100,000). The homebuyer must contribute 3.5% of the home purchase price for a combined 20% down payment. Get more details on this program and learn how to apply at www.sbhousingtrust.org or contact Yvette Lounsbury, Homebuyer Loan Administrator, at YLounsbury@sbhousingtrust.org or (805) 845-3585.