City of Goleta Receives $2.2 Million in Grant for Old Town Sidewalks

Old Town Sidewalks

The City of Goleta recently received notice of the award of $2,224,000 for the Old Town Sidewalk Infill Project through the Active Transportation Program (ATP). With this project, the City expects to construct new sidewalks on some roads in Old Town Goleta where no or partial sidewalks currently exist.

“This important project will significantly improve pedestrian safety in Old Town Goleta. Because of our highly qualified staff’s successful pursuit of grants that leverage our local funding sources, we will now be able to make this project a reality.” said Councilmember Paula Perotte.

The project area includes the residential neighborhoods north of Hollister Avenue to the Union Pacific Railroad, between South Fairview Avenue and Kinman Avenue as well as Pine Avenue, south of Hollister Avenue. The project will provide curb, gutter, sidewalk and ADA ramps for safer and effective pedestrian travel in this area. One pedestrian route of travel will be provided on at least one side of each street to create a fully connected sidewalk network for the community.

ATP grants are for bicycle and pedestrian transportation. This grant process was highly competitive for the $360 million available funding over the years 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19. The City will provide a match of $550,000 for this project.